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1.Parties to the Agreement.

The Agreement is concluded between the Internet service for the exchange of title units, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, – on the one hand, and the Customer, represented by the one who has used the services of the Contractor, – on the other hand.

2. List of Terms.

2.1 Title exchange – is an automated product of the Internet service which is provided by the Executor on the basis of these rules.
2.2 Customer – a natural person who agrees with the terms and conditions of the Contractor and this agreement to which he joins.
2.3 Title Deed – the conventional unit of this or that payment systеm, which corresponds to the calculations of electronic systems and indicates the amount of rights corresponding to the agreement of the electronic payment systеm and its Customer.
2.4 Application – information given by the Customer to use the Executor’s funds electronically, which indicates that the Customer accepts the terms and conditions of the service that the Executor offers in the application.

3. Terms of Agreement.

These rules are considered to be arranged due to the terms of public offer which is formed at the time of Client’s application and is one of the main components of this agreement. The Public Offer is the information displayed by the Applicant on the conditions of submission of an application. The main component of the public offer are actions taken at the end of the application by the Customer and indicating his exact intentions to make a deal on the conditions proposed by the Contractor before the completion of this application. Time, date, and parameters of the bid are created automatically by Executor at the moment of completion of this bid. The offer shall be accepted by the Customer within 30 minutes from the end of bid formation. Договор по обслуживанию вступает в силу с момента поступления титульных знаков в полном размере, указанном в заявке, от Заказчика на реквизиты Исполнителя. Операции с титульными знаками учитываются согласно правилам, регламенту и формату электронных систем по расчетам. The Agreement shall be valid for the period which is set from the date of application to its termination on the initiative of one of the parties.

4. Subject of the agreement.

Through the use of technical methods the Contractor undertakes to carry out the exchange of title units for a commission from the Customer, after the application filed by this person and performs it by selling title units to persons wishing to purchase them for an amount not lower than the amount specified in the application filed by the Customer. The Contractor undertakes to transfer funds to the details specified by the Customer. If any profit occurs during the exchange, it remains on the Executor’s account as an additional benefit and premium for commission services.

5. In addition.

5.1 If the Contractor’s account receives an amount that differs from the amount specified in the application, the Contractor makes a recalculation, which corresponds to the actual receipt of the title units. If this amount differs from the amount specified in the application by more than 10%, the Contractor shall be entitled to terminate the contract unilaterally.
5.2 If the title signs are not received from the Customer to the Contractor’s account within 24 hours from the moment of submission of the application by the Customer, the agreement between the parties shall be terminated by the Contractor from one side, as the agreement shall not come into effect. The Customer may not be notified of this.
5.3 If there is a delay in transfer of funds to the details specified by the Customer due to the fault of the settlement systеm, the Executor shall not be liable for damages arising from the long receipt of funds. In this case the Customer shall agree that all the claims will be brought against the settlement systеm, and the Executor shall render its assistance to the best of its ability within the law.
5.4 In the case of detection of tampering of communication streams or making an impact, in order to deteriorate the work of the Executor, namely its software code, the application is suspended.
5.5 In case of using the services of the Executor, the Client fully agrees with the fact that the Executor has the limited liability corresponding to the framework of these rules and does not provide additional guarantees to the Client and does not bear any additional responsibility to the Client. Accordingly, the Customer shall not be further liable to the Contractor.
5.6 The Customer undertakes to comply with the norms corresponding to the legislation, as well as not to tamper with the communication flows and not to create obstacles for the normal operation of the software code of the Contractor.
5.7 Executor is not responsible for the damage and consequences in case of incorrect transfer of electronic currency in the case if the Client has indicated the wrong requisites when submitting the application.

6. Unforeseen circumstances.

If during the processing of the Customer’s application unforeseen circumstances arise that contribute to the failure of the Contractor to fulfill the terms of the contract, the terms of execution of the application shall be postponed by the corresponding duration of the force majeure. The Contractor shall not be liable for overdue obligations.

7. Claims and disputes.

Complaints under this agreement shall be accepted by the Executor in the form of an electronic letter, in which the Customer shall specify the nature of the claim. This letter shall be sent to the contacts of the Executor indicated on the website.

8. Execution of exchange operations.

8.1 It is strictly forbidden to use the services of the Executor for illegal transfers and fraudulent activities. When signing this Agreement, the Client agrees to comply with these requirements and in case of fraud, bear criminal responsibility established by the legislation at the moment.
8.2 In case the application cannot be executed automatically due to the circumstances beyond the control of the Executor, such as lack of connection, insufficient funds or erroneous data of the Client, the funds will be transferred to the account within the next 24 hours or returned to the Client’s account details minus the commission fee.
8.3 Upon the first request the Executor has the right to transfer the information about the electronic currency transfer to the law enforcement authorities, the administration of the settlement systems, as well as to the victims of the unlawful actions, victims of the proven fraud by the judicial authorities.
8.4 The Customer shall be obliged to present all the documents proving his identity in case of suspicion of fraud and money laundering.
8.5 The Customer undertakes not to interfere with the work of the Executor and not to damage its software and hardware, and the Customer undertakes to provide accurate information to ensure that the Executor fulfills all conditions of the contract.
8.6 In case the funds are blocked during the crediting of the electronic currency to the Executor’s account due to the fault of this transaction, the Executor has a right to suspend the payment until the circumstances of blocking the funds are clarified.

9.Waiver of obligations.

The Executor has the right to refuse the conclusion of the contract and the fulfillment of the request, without explaining the reasons. This clause applies to any client.

10. Refund of funds.

The Customer is entitled to demand a refund. The contractor is obliged to refund on request of the client minus his expenses for the procedure, the fee for refund is 5%, but it can increase as the case may be.

If the Customer has requested a refund at the final stage, the Executor will make the refund by means of a reverse conversion at the current exchange rates at the time of the request.

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