Exchange Zcash ZEC to Visa/MasterCard RUB


The exchange is performed with the participation of the courier, it takes from 30 minutes to 6 hours after receipt of payment.
Payment is made on weekdays from 10 – 19 Moscow time, through a bank cashier located in St. Petersburg.
If you receive payment after 18 Moscow time, payment on the application will be transferred to the next working day.

Exchange Process:

  • Fill in the blank fields (note the minimum and maximum limits).
  • Check the entered data and specify a valid e-mail! All changes on the application are made only through e-mail.
  • Then, the systеm will transfer you to the page with the current status and application number.
  • Write in a chat on the site the number of request and get details for payment.
  • If at the moment of depositing the cryptocurrency, the exchange rate changed by more than 1% in any direction, the amount payable will be recalculated at the current rate.
  • The commission is fixed in the application.
  • Payments are made only to the bank details of the Russian Federation.
  • Your withdrawal request will be deleted automatically in 30 minutes if you do not contact the operator.
  • Read the rules of the exchange service and AML policy, if you accept them, check the appropriate box.
Exchange rate: 100 ZEC = 317 987.25 RUB

min.: 8 ZEC, max.: 100 ZEC


min.: 25 438.9 RUB, max.: 317 987.2 RUB


Indicate the number of the card that we will replenish.

Personal data

Indicate only a valid mailbox, all changes to the application for the safety of your funds, occur exclusively through it.

Specify the name of the holder of the details, to which the payment will be made

Indicate the name of the holder of details for which funds will be paid out (banks)

Indicate the middle name of the holder of the details for which the payment will be made (banks).

Exchange Zcash ZEC to Visa/MasterCard RUB

If you have any questions, please contact the chat room – the operator will help you.

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