To the moon – what is it on the stock exchange

To the moon – what is it on the stock exchange

The cryptocurrency market is actively developing, and new conceptual forms appear every day. Many turns of speech are liked by users, which leads to the consolidation of the word in the lexicon.

Therefore, today we will talk about what the definition of “native” means, the scope and lexical meaning. Sit back, it will be interesting.

Etymology of the term

A native is a metaphorical concept reflecting the sharp and rapid growth of a cryptocurrency asset. Moreover, the jump is so big that it cannot be transmitted through the graphics.

To better understand the meaning of the term, let’s turn to etymology.

“Native” is the Russian version of the English phrase “To the Moon”. The meaning of the words is as follows:

  • to – preposition responsible for moving towards the goal (equivalent to the Russian “to”, “on” and “to”);
  • the – article, which has no translation in Russian, is used before the noun;
  • Moon – The moon.

Interpreting the phrase into Russian, we get a sharp jump in the crypt, comparable to a flight to the moon.

Used by whom and when

The term reflects the degree of volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the “native” is used on exchanges by investors and traders.

These categories inсlude:

  1. Whales are investors with large capital who, by buying a large amount of cryptocurrency, can manipulate quotes on the market.
  2. Bulls are traders playing for an increase cryptocurrency asset prices. It is noteworthy that when selling tokens, bulls can move into the opposite category of bears.
  3. Bears – such investors are interested in playing down. They are waiting for the asset price to fall in order to buy more promising coins at a low price. They make a profit due to the large difference between the price of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.
  4. Hamsters are novice traders who have little experience in the digital asset market. Therefore, they are very worried about the money invested, and are reluctant to sell assets, holding them like a hamster in their mouth.

If everything is clear with this so far, let’s talk about when the term is most often used.

When the native is relevant

The cryptocurrency market is still extremely young and volatile – asset quotes may fall or increase by 50-100% during a trading session. Such jumps up or down are often accompanied by exclamations of “native”.

Many traders rightly consider themselves hamsters, even with a stable income. They are right that it is extremely difficult to predict the movement of quotations at the start.

Individual investors use the term for successful or failed transactions.

Why storm surge is predictable

A native is a consequence of a negative or positive influence of external/internal factors on the quotes of a cryptocurrency asset.

Internal factors are as follows:

  1. Correction of the supply and demand ratio.
  2. Whales entered or left the market.
  3. Changing the ratio of different cryptocurrency assets on the market.
  4. Correction of market sentiment (it is extremely difficult to calculate the emotionality of investors).

External factors of storm surges are government regulation, local political events related to the cryptocurrency market. Stability is also affected by the release of a new version of the blockchain projects.

The native can be predicted with a certain percentage based on systеm analysis. An experienced trader can roughly understand the mood of the market, as well as study the internal and external risk factors of price changes.

Many traders use this definition to show that anything is possible in a young and extremely volatile cryptocurrency market.

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